On the heels of the great success of their latest single, “Dale Para Tra” (Take It Back) the dynamic duo Alexis y Fido combine their talent with Casper Magico and Nio Garcia to launch a song that will have everyone dancing to the tune of the new urban hit, “Calibre.”

Calibre” artistically combines the rhythms of those who interpret it. From the iconic perreo characteristic of Alexis y Fido, to the sounds of trap which have led Casper Magico to fame, to the notes of flow from Nio Garcia, “Calibre” has a unique harmony.  This is how this new story is born, becoming a declaration of love with lyrics like, “Me gusta tu calibre (I like your caliber) porque no dejas de hacerte la imposible (because you make yourself impossible),” with which more than one person will feel identified.

The catchy single was produced by “Los Diseñadores” Tercero y Yondoe, and composed by Alexis y Fido along with Julio Cruz, Rafael de Jesús, Ismael Medina, Luis Quiñones and John Paul Ramos.