The influence of Latin artists in the fashion world is undeniable. With a new wave of Reggaeton artists taking over American and worldwide markets, it is only natural that some Reggaeton singers like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Maluma are the new global fashion icons.

Bad Bunny releases a collaboration with Crocs and is sold out in just hours

Under the name ‘Bad Bunny x Crocs Clogs,’ the famous shoe brand announced their collaboration with the ‘Yo perreo sola’ interpreter. It was a classic model of white Crocs with different pins with Bad Bunny motifs.

Among these pins or ‘Jibbitz’ there were some in the shape of a star, a saturn planet, fire, and even one with the face of Bad Bunny holding a little sign that says, “Precaución, zona de perreo” (Caution, perreo zone.) The peculiarity of these accessories is that they all glow in the dark.

The purpose behind the glow-in-the-dark effect is to resemble a child’s bedroom ceiling decorated with stars, to give that feeling of joy and nostalgia. This special edition was available in white and green.

However, after half an hour, it was completely sold out. Crocs stated that their site has an encrypted system to prevent bots from stocking up on their products, so they don’t explain how this could have happened. Maybe the fans of “The Bad Rabbit” went crazy for Crocs.

J Balvin releases colorful collection with Guess

If there is one thing J Balvin has been known for, it’s for his colorful style and bold outfits. The chromatic circle even inspired his latest album ‘Colores,’ and each song was titled with a specific color like “Azul”, “Rojo” or “Amarillo”.

To promote this album, the renowned clothing brand Guess teamed up with the singer to design a whole sportswear collection inspired by the album. ‘Guess x J Balvin Colors’ is the name of this collection, released on June 5 this year.

The collection consists of sports pants, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts, and other garments full of bright colors and prints. for both women and men

Reggaeton is the new black. And this is just the beginning of many new collaborations that will be full of that Latino allure that defines our community.