The Brazilian-born, American-raised artist DeCarlo recently released his new single, “YTQ” on all major streaming platforms. Over the past years, the songs DeCarlo has written (including Chris Brown’s #1 hit “Turn Up the Music”) have garnered millions of streams and led to collaborations with Latino acts such as Jennifer Lopez and Prince Royce. Sung in both English and Spanish, “YTQ”, featuring vocals by Mexican model and singer, Lorena Medina, is one of a few bilingual cuts from DeCarlo’s debut album, Layers, with release date to be determined.

The very topic of “YTQ”, which stands for “Yo Te Quiero” in Spanish, is a story of two people that go through similar struggles in life and have found in that connection a way to love with no boundaries. “I see the pain in your eyes / who are you fooling / you deserve better / treat you like treasure.”

Lorena Medina, the 26 years old Mexican model and current Playboy Playmate, has a smooth and sensual voice that belies her Latino ethnicity. “I love singing in Spanish because it’s such a passionate language that adds so much emotion to music”, she says. “YTQ is a romantic song with a beat that will make people dance their pain away.” Lorena has also collaborated with the pop/electronic American duo, Highlnd, on the bilingual single “I Want You”, out last year.