Comedy is perhaps one of the best ways of entertainment one can think of, and as comedy is usually rooted in reality and personal life experiences; is no surprise how many of us relate with Latino comedians. 

Take a look at the list we made and maybe you’ll find out some new faces to keep an eye on: 


She’s a Venezuelan-American comedian and writer who started her career on YouTube, with her online show “Joanna rants”; where she discussed topics such as the difference between Spanish accents all across Latinamerica, the immigrations challenges, and stereotypes, all with her usual sense of humor. Nowadays she’s working as head-writer of Disney Channel’s show “Hamster & Gretel”. 


Anjelah is the perfect example of how being yourself can lead you to succeed. In her own words, at the beginning of her career, she used to force herself into the stereotypical Latina character, exaggerating accents, etc. Nowadays she keeps her Latina part but shows more of her true self, sending the message that not all Latinos are the same.


After overcoming tough life situations and even substance abuse, Felipe Esparza has found a way to a better life through comedy. He currently hosts a podcast called “What’s up fool?” where he interviews literally every person he finds interesting. He’s now touring the U.S until November of this year. 


Growing up Latino in the U.S has its own challenges, but growing up Italian-Mexican on a religious family and being gay, that’s a whole new level. That’s why Matteo’s comedy sparkles on its uniqueness, as he treats with humor the trials and tribulations of overcoming stereotypes and being at peace with himself and his queerness. He’s a breath of fresh air for the LGBTQ Latino community.