LTDO 2018

Saturday was filled with music and fun as the 2nd Annual LTDO Music Festival took place in Guanajuato Bicentennial Park. The festival highlighted many of Latin America’s brightest up and coming indie artists. LTDO welcomed a full arsenal of art from the 3 stage setup for music to short film snippets to a celebration of young painters. Guanajuato was certainly a melting pot for the arts, and looks to do so for years to come.


In building up to the main stage festivities, the winners of the emerging regional band competition (Modern Vice and Dama Rosa) linked up with Peach Creeks to begin the day of music.

Kicking off main stage, Girl Ultra performed with her patented strong vocals and melodic sound while also covering “Morena mía” by Miguel Bosé. Filling the crowd with excitement and joy, Girl Ultra has also performed two singles off of her latest album Adiós.

Following Girl Ultra, Lng/SHT brought the intensity and was the highlight of the festival! With power and finesse, the Mérida Yucatán native held his own by performing a melody of his hits such as “Keys, Telephone, and Wallet” and “The Punk Rock Ruined My Life”, all while entertaining the crowd to a freestyle to interact with the Guanajuato sea of screams.

Floating off the high set by Lng/SHT, Elsa y Elmar took to the stage with their chordal harmonies and soft flowing melodies. The duo set the mood with their collection of songs that put a perfect soundtrack to the held high sun.

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