We recently interviewed Techy – enjoy the interview…

Musica Roots: What’s the origin of that name? Is that your real name? Techy: My real name is Stephanie, my parents say I started calling me Techy at the age of two because it was “my artistic name.”

Musica Roots: Where were you born and raised? Ethnicity? Techy: I was born, raised and still live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As most of Dominicans I am mixed, Spaniard from my mother’s side and from Beit Jala (Palestine) from my father’s side.

Musica Roots: Where do you live now? Techy: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and where I make my music.


Musica Roots: Favorite bar to dine and go for drinks in your hood? Why? Techy: My neighbors house! haha it’s free.

Musica Roots: When did you take the step to become an artist? What/Who inspired you? Techy: I have always been an artist! All my baby pictures are me and a microphone, my parents say I “wrote” my first song when I was two. I have been in the industry since I was 3 years old; doing musical theatre and at 4 years old, I started working in television with Don Francisco. All my life I know what I want and who I am. Sometimes we do tend to loose ourself in the way, but deep down I always knew.

Musica Roots:  What would you like to promote? New Song? Upcoming Show? Techy: I am promoting my second album “Capitulo 1” and the singles “Volveras” “Amor Para La Historia” and “Llora” video and single to be released soon.

Musica Roots: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Techy: My music is Pop, Ballad and Pop Rock. I like to write songs about love and all it’s colors. Especially, when love hurts. I feel that my music has an old soul, with modern influences, but I consider it to be timeless in the sense that is the type of music that never gets old, it will always hit you in the heart.

Musica Roots: Who are your major influences? Techy: I would say my major influences are Laura Pausini, Alanis Morisette, Juan Luis Guerra, The Beatles and Natalie Imbruglia. I know is a big mix hehe, but those are the artist that I enjoy listening.


Musica Roots: What instruments do you play? Techy: I play the guitar and piano.

Musica Roots: What’s your go to Latin song? Techy: Any Laura Pausini song or if I wanna have a good time dancing any Juan Luis Guerra song.

Musica Roots: What has been your favorite venue to perform?  Techy: El Gran Teatro Cibao in Dominican Republic. I like theaters; I like the intimacy within the theater walls. 

Musica Roots: Who writes your songs? Techy: I wrote all my songs, except for a couple of songs that I have co-written with close friends.

Musica Roots: Where do you find your inspiration? Techy: It comes in different ways… It may come in a friends’ story about his or her life, it could be something that happened to me, or maybe I just sit down and imagine a situation start feeling it, then begin writing about it.

Musica Roots:  What’s your music-making process? Techy: I normally write the song immediately the melody or the “thing I wanna write about” pops in my head. I record it in my voice-notes playing my guitar and after that I present it to my producers to start the process of making it into a real song. 

Musica Roots: What advice do you have for young up and coming artists? Techy: Be true to yourself. I learned this after I became a mom.


I have always wanted to live my dream. In my early days, I would be influenced by the sound “that was required by the industry or by what the mainstream was listening to.” I would wear what I thought would make me more “like-able” an lose myself in this abyss. I was not happy, because I wasn’t myself. So after my son was born I questioned myself, was I real?What lesson I was gonna give him about freedom and about being yourself. So that is when my life changed, I started making the music that was truly in my heart. I started wearing the clothes I liked and starting to be myself. In my private life but also in my career and every aspect of it.

Musica Roots: Any Latin artists you would like to collaborate with? Techy: Laura Pausini is the first haha I mean she is Italian, but has always sang in Spanish, so… But I would be honored to collaborate with Juan Luis Guerra and Alejandro Sanz.

Musica Roots: Why do you think it’s important for us to feature your interview in English instead of Spanish? Techy: The world is flat and most Latinos in the USA and Latin America do speak English and for others that don’t know Spanish that they will be able to know about me and/or our Latin heritage and what influences us.

Musica Roots:  What’s your favorite fruit? Techy: Guayaba and Guanabana.

Musica Roots: Top 3 artists on your streaming device of choice? Techy: Right now Tom Misch, Daniel Cesar, Luis Armando.

Musica Roots: If you quit doing what would you be doing? Side hustle or hobby? Techy: Haha 🙂 I would be producing music for sure. Doing stand up comedy, maybe being a happy hippie in the beaches of my country running a small boutique hotel, singing to my costumers at night and serving them vegan food all day. 

Musica Roots: Are you the only talent at home? Techy: I come from a family of artists. My dad is a recording artist, he sings opera and merengue, he taught me to play guitar and piano. My mother is a TV host and now a motivational speaker who sings beautiful but doesn’t like to. My sister is an actress, a great singer and she has directed some of my videos. My grandmother was a piano and harp teacher, my aunts sings and play various instruments as a hobby.

Musica Roots: What’s your choice of alcoholic beverage? Techy: Dominican Rum.

Musica Roots: Most embarrassing moment? Techy: I have done musical theatre all my life, so in one of my plays my wig fell off (funny) so I had to stay there just singing. Before I used to sing with high heels and after I felt in three of my concerts, I decided to wear sneakers!

Musica Roots: Coffee or tea? Techy: Un cafecito.

Musica Roots: Is there a charity you advocate for? Why? Techy: Yes, Un Toque De Luz Charity, because the foster education to kids with no financial support.

Musica Roots: What was the last show you binge watched?  Techy: The BBC “Love & Drugs on The Streets” all three seasons!


We’ll let you know the next time she tours in the U.S. Plus, stay tuned for her new music coming soon…