The COASTCITY duotwice nominated for a Grammy, premieres a new single “Juicio Criminal” that follows the follow-up to their previous single “Nadie Es Santo.” This theme continues the story of those two people with An undeniable attraction that lies at the intersection between desire and infidelity. Listen to the single on all streaming platforms, CLICK HERE.

“In ’Juicio Criminal’ we now see this couple battling with trust issues and infidelity transforming their bedroom into what feels like a court room. It’s that feeling of being trapped in a relationship due to your own insecurities, something we can all relate to,” explains Jean Rodriguez, lead vocals and co-author. 

Known and recognized for pushing the musical envelope both on the production side and lyrically, COASTCITY continues to be at the forefront of the Latin R&B and urban alternative genres which are poised to be the next big wave in Latin music.

“’Juicio Criminal’ is a song that pushes musical boundaries in regards to sounds and rhythms.  The hooks have beautiful landscapes of pads and a bossa nova ‘dembow’ feel.  The chorus explodes with a straight Rock and Hip Hop beat that aligns with the song lyrically. The electric guitars all throughout the song give it that alternative edge setting it apart from what everyone else is doing in the urban space. I’m really proud of this one,” affirms Danny Flores, keyboards, production and co-author.