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Alaina Castillo Releases New Visualizer for Dance Single “Party in my head (ur not invited)”

Alaina Castillo releases her second single “party in my head (ur not invited)” off her upcoming EP fantasies due October 14th via Chosen People/ AWALCastillo and longtime collaborator and Grammy-nominated producer, RØMANS (Ella Mai, Khalid, Disclosure, etc.) create a sensual dance track that compliments the end of summer. Alaina’s music is brought to life in visual format with the collaboration of  creative director Milkman (J-Balvin) for the artwork and visualizer.

Castillo channels the energy of a femme fatale describing the experience of listening to the track as “when listening to ‘party in my head (ur not invited)’ I want u to imagine ur out for the night. ur playing games, teasing someone who desperately wants u – u would be happy to just be alone- but messing with them gives u even more joy.”

In 2022 Castillo made a successful debut at Coachella and quickly after she opened for Coldplay alongside H.E.R. in Alaina’s hometown, Houston, TX. In addition, Alaina’s successful debut in the Web 3 space included an NFT she dropped in April via The Sound.xyz which sold out in 30 seconds. This fall Alaina will be joining Olivia Rodrigo producer, Alexander 23 on his North American Tour. See all dates below.

Stay tuned for more news & new music from Alaina Castillo coming soon!

Domino Saints Capture Love & Heartbreak in “Si No Eres Tu”

Still riding the success of their smash hit single “Rockstar” ft. Mozart La Para and D Smoke, Puerto Rican group Domino Saints continues to dominate 2022, dropping one incredible anthemic hit after another and maintaining their status as the hottest Latin duo of the moment. Today the revolutionary pair is back to remind everyone of why they are one of the most unique Latin acts on the scene, releasing their highly anticipated new single “Si No Eres Tu.”

Produced by Gotex the Lyon, a native of the Colombian island of San Andres, “Si No Eres Tu” is an impactful, emotion-driven song that explores the darker side of love, speaking to the deepest pain and heartbreak we can experience in romance. Although it conveys the devastating feeling we encounter when we lose the one we love the most, especially when the breakup is the result of a big fight that we thought had no solution, the song still preserves Domino Saints’ signature Caribbean vibe, intertwining heart-wrenching lyrics with super fresh island-inspired melodies. It’s the perfect love song for listeners to dedicate to that special person that they know they can’t live without.

Domino Saints recently shared the official music video on their YouTube channel. Filmed under the direction of “THE HAYES BROTHERS” (Adam and Nick Hayes), the dynamic visual fuses frames in black and white and in color to deliver an engaging and captivating viewing experience that will pull fans even deeper into this already intriguing story.

Along with the wildly successful previously released singles “Dancefreak,” “Amor de Tontos,” “My Way” and “Rockstar,” all of which have experienced impressive reach and explosive popularity worldwide, “Si No Eres Tu” will also be featured on Domino Saints’ upcoming album “FUTURE LOVE GAMES.” As the title suggests, the project will explore a variety of compelling topics related to love while incorporating enthralling new sounds, such as moombahton and drill, within the duo’s already irresistible Latin-Caribbean style, speaking to Domino Saints’ forward-thinking creative process, constant trend-setting innovation, and undeniable knack for creating global hits infused with infectious energy.

Juan Magán Joins Envi and Damaris to Make you dance “24/7”

Every summer is flooded with chart topping songs from hitmaker Juan Magán, and this summer will be no different. For his new single entitled “24/7” from Virgin Music LAS Spain, the multi-platinum artist joins two young talents who promise to make us dance throughout the year: the Dominican artist Damaris and the Catalan artist Envi.

Energy and slower times merge into a sexy theme with a lyric that will be in your head “24/7.”

Karol G Shines During Pride Parade in Madrid

During a historic day for the LGTBQ + movement across the world, Karol G, the global Latin super star who continues breaking musical and follower records, was the main act of the MADO Parade, Madrid Pride, showcasing an original float customized in pink. The singer and composer performed her renowned hits, “Provenza,””MAMII,” “Bichota,” “Tusa” and “SEJODIOTO,” among others, thrilling the audience who followed her along the way with euphoria and a sense of freedom and joy.  

During the 4-hour trajectory, Karol G did not stop cheering her audience from the top of the float, staying in constant contact with them. 

After more than three years since her last visit to Spain, the artist surprised her extensive legion of followers the day before by posting a story on Instagram: “Madrid, I’ll see you tomorrow in Pride. We’re going to give each other a lot of love,” said the superstar. The love was reciprocated, as close to a million people sang her songs at the top of their lungs throughout the parade.

The music was provided by the radio station “Los 40,” which played all the urban hits and, of course, encouraged the audience who turned to the artist during a historic night.

An indisputable voice within the LGTBQ + community, and a worldwide icon of Latin music and the urban genre, Karol G has become an artist who doesn’t stop breaking records, and is the woman with the most number of sales in the Latin music industry.

Since the launch on April 22, “Provenza”the latest single from Karol G, has been trending at #1 and is #1 on YouTube,#1 in Apple Music Spain, #2 in Spotify Spain, #1 in Shazam during 9 consecutive weeks and #1 in Deezer.Additionally, it has surpassed all previous Karol G records with a solo launch.

The single portrays innovative sounds that explores the fusion of tropical rhythms, afro-beats and reggaeton melodies.

“Provenza” represents a new freedom; a place that invites you to revisit the old times and relive memorable moments from a peaceful place, full of inclusion, love and good vibes. Karol G showcases in her new music video, directed by Pedro Artola, the importance of finding mental peace, someone who attracts a prosperous life, with good company and prosperity.The video for“Provenza”was filmed in Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, known for its volcanic scenery, hot weather and beautiful beaches.

Feid Reaches New Pinnacle with New Single, “Normal” Debuts

FEID, emerging superstar and leader of new school Reggaeton in Colombia, celebrates the monumental release of his highly anticipated single, “Normal.” Fans all over social media raced to experience the phenomenon that “Normal” became prior to its official release. With over 120,000 people virtually attending the YouTube pre-release watch-page for the official video, “Normal” became a streaming force in the first 24 hours since its release.

The official video currently sits at 4 million views on YouTube and is actively trending in over 20 countries worldwide while reaching #1 in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Peru and Top 10 in Spain (#3) Mexico (#8), USA (#10) and Argentina (#10), making this the highest day 1 mark for FEID to date.

“Normal” also debuts in the Spotify Daily Global Top 30 charts, at #27. This milestone marks a new touchstone for Feid as he propels into a Latin superstar with over 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Feid’s viral hit single, “Pantysito” peaked at #50 global just a few months ago, leading the way for “Normal” to catapult higher within the Spotify charts.

New Music: Larry Hernández “Que Te Caiga El 20”

Larry Hernández releases the video for his second single of the year titled “Que Te Caiga El 20”, which echoes that popular Mexican saying that describes the moment when a person realizes something or understands a specific situation. In the song, the artist says goodbye to an old love that refuses to accept that it’s over. 

Recorded in Beverly Hills, California, under the direction of Edgar Minjares, the video, wich starrs model Lorna Grumt and Larry Hernandez himself, tells the story of a breakup that had to be settled in court.  After the success of the corrido “El Baleado” produced in collaboration with artist Luis R. Conriquez, and which has already been streamed more than SEVEN MILLION TIMES on YouTube and Spotify alone, Larry Hernandez releases this new song in two versions –traditional and banda.  

With more than 25 years in the scene, Larry Hernandez keeps captivating his ever-growing audiences with each new release and collaboration, proving why he is one of the key players in today’s Regional Mexican music scene. 

Argentinean-American Sophia Angelica Releases Two New Singles + Live Show in NYC

Argentinean-American singer-songwriter Sophia Angelica recently released two pop singles, the empowerment pop ballad “Here I Am” and her tropical Latin track “Que Seria De Mi”.

The powerful single in English, “Here I Am”, reveals the empowerment one feels after leaving a toxic relationship, reflected in the vivid accompanying music video. The music was produced with unique sounds by Shannon McArthur in Nashville, Tennessee.

Angelica conveys the emotion of being lost and blinded by love, and her pride in being Latina, through the catchy tropical pop single, “Que Seria De Mi,” produced by Billboard Award-winning and Grammy-nominated Napoles. The official video was filmed in Puerto Rico by the director Andrés López Alicea, full of landscapes and rhythm to make you dance.

Both songs were mastered by Grammy-winner Bernie Grundman, who mastered “Survivors” and has worked with legendary artists like Prince and Michael Jackson.

Angelica began her entertainment career at the age of 6 on television shows like “Good Day New York” on FOX TV and “Dora the Explorer” on Nickelodeon. Fast forward today, it has been a transformative journey as she creates music about her personal life.

See her live at The Bowery Electric in NYC this Thursday, March 24th.


Artist Spotlight: Colombian Artist Mar Mejia with her New Single “Money”

God Willing, the record label founded by Bull Nene, recognized as one of the most prominent figures internationally in the music industry, has signed a global distribution deal with Virgin Music US Latin. His career as a producer and composer of the greatest hits for artists such as J BalvinShakiraJuanesKarol GMaluma, among others, positions him as one of the masterminds of music. Now, thanks to his experience, he has created God Willing, a label that will break new ground in 2022.

The first release with this new partnership will be from Colombian artist MAR MEJÍA. This new discovery from the urban genre arrives with her single “Money, a song that highlights female empowerment and reminds women that anything is possible, but above all that dreams do come true. “Money” is a composition by Bull Nene, VibarcoGale y Zenzei produced by CastaDaniel Obregon, and Sammy White. For MAR, being part of this project also has a special significance for her career.

For me, it is an honor to be the first signed artist to God Willing. It is an incredible opportunity for which I am willing to present my best. Being from Medellin, I have been able to follow all of Bull Nene’s growth very closeup, to see how he quickly became a world-class composer and producer, and that now he is part of my team. The most important thing is that he bets on and believes in my project. It is something indescribable. We are ready to give the world incredible music, full of originality and freshness. On the other hand, I feel super grateful to Virgin Latin, who has given us staunch support despite being an emerging project. We are sure that with their team we will achieve incredible things. I feel super excited and want everyone to know everything we are working on.” – MAR MEJÍA

The official video for “Money” was recorded in Medellín, with MAR MEJÍA as the protagonist. The versatility that she has as an artist can be recognized, in addition to performing in English and Spanish in a concept that makes this a project with international reach. The production is from Creators under the direction of Ronny Xavier.

Barcelona’s Cristina Malakhai Releases “Besos Arma”

Cristina Malakhai releases “Besos Arma”, a new single that will be part of the next album and that refers to a concept that for the first time in 100 years, changed our schemes: “the kisses that used to heal, are now a weapon.”

The confusion. Impatience. Despair. Boredom. Uncertainty. The lack. Doom. The line was thin between nothing and everything. Between white and black. Between sanity and madness. The production is inspired by that cluster of sensations that circulated and enveloped her room, based on stereo arpeggiated synthesizers, an electropop beat as naked as blunt, and layers of voices in various dimensions.

Co-Produced and Mixed by Pablo Mirete: Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and arranger, ambassador for the Latin Cultural Foundation GRAMMY, and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Pablo recently won the Fugaz Award for Best Soundtrack with the short film “Umbrellas,” also nominated for the 2022 Goya Awards. Mastered by Rob Jimenez (Orangewood Studios, LA).

Like the music composition and pre-production, the music video was filmed and edited by herself in her apartment in LA during her quarantine, when she couldn’t shoot, but her fever as an advertising creative pushed her to start directing as well. and edit her own videos.

Cristina Malakhai is a singer, songwriter, producer, radio presenter, and actress from Barcelona, Spain. She reached number 1 on iTunes Spain with the project Los Peces de Cristina and began her tour with more than 100 shows in Europe and the United States. She is a voting member of the Latin Grammy Academy. He graduated in Independent Music Production from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) with an SGAE Foundation Scholarship. She is currently working at a music publishing house and is preparing new releases with producer Marcus Bell (Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland), among others, with whom she will release a single music video that already has more than a dozen awards and nominations at Los Angeles and Latin America Film Festivals.

Greeicy Releases ‘La Carta,’ Her New Studio Album Where Her Soul Soars Towards Her True Essence

After the successful release of “Att: Amor” with Mike Bahia, and the announcement of her awaited “Amantes Tour” with stops in cities like Cali, Bogota, and Medellin, the wait is finally over and Greeicy is releasing her anticipated album ‘La Carta,’ a production that features as its focus track the single “Tóxico,” while also celebrating a double premiere; Her new album, and her starring role in the highly anticipated series ‘Ritmo Salvaje’ on Netflix.

‘La Carta’ is a personal album where she lays her soul bare before her loyal audience that was eagerly waiting to receive her new music. In each of the singles, Greeicy hopes to reach more people to exude harmony and happiness in their lives. The Colombian singer-songwriter went through all kinds of moments: extreme happiness, connecting with music, emotional despair, disappointment, anguish, many unanswered questions and found many truths, and each time she had to pause for one reason or another, magical things would happen that reconnected her with the album.

For Greeicy, ‘La Carta’ came to teach her many things. She defined that part of the process as a “master’s degree in patience.” ‘La Carta is an album that I’ve tried to finish for the past three years, before the pandemic and for many reasons, some that made more sense than others, it was postponed until today. So it’s an album that has gone through several of my emotional states. I have been disappointed, lost faith and strength, but in the middle of the road, the album would always come back with its magic to save me and reconnect me with what I am and what I love.”