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DTLA’s Music Fanaticos Went Crazy for Cucopuffs

Fans of the 21 year old artist, Cuco, gathered at Grand Park in Downtown LA for a free concert on Sunday (July 28) to celebrate his newly released album, Para Mi. Cuco’s block party was the perfect summer vibe, filled with food, music and shared with family and friends. Ugly Primo, Late Night Laggers, and MC Magic were some of the special guests showing up for Cuco’s event.

Make sure you check out Cuco’s new album, Para Mi, out now.

Backstage Interview: Going Crazy for Locos Por Juana

Locos Por Juana brought their energy and unique fusion of Caribbean and Latin music to La Cita in Downtown LA recently. Locos Por Juana is not new to the music scene they have already been nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy, bringing Miami heat and cultural sounds from all over the world. The bands consists of various members and at times are known for having five to seven guest musicians to join them onstage during their live shows. Musica Roots interviewed lead vocalist Itagui Correa and bassist David Pransky, before they hit the stage at La Cita.

Musica Roots: How is the tour going?

Itagui: We’re on tour in the West Coast. Two amazing weeks, showing our music and we’re really happy to go back home and gear up for the East Coast.

David: It’s summertime in Miami. So summer tour is bout to start. We’re really just promoting Caribe, which is our new album. That’s sprinkled with rockstars from all over the place, from different genres. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so all the people that you meet along the way, on tour or at a festival. All those people that turn into your idols are now your peers and your friends, so we had a lot of our friends be a part of this album.

Musica Roots: How is it performing for the LA audience?

Itagui: LA is great, man. It’s a great energy, every time we are in LA; we have family in LA.

David: But LA is hard. It’s hard to play a show because there is a level of you have to earn it. There’s a vibe in the city and people here got a lot pride, so we feel that and we keep looking forward to coming back.

Get a sneak peak of the interview here:

Check out their new album Caribe and make sure you follow them on all major social media platforms, @LocosPorJuana or LocosPorJuana.com

Enjoy a few music videos here:


Interview: This Is Mexican Dubwiser!

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico – Mexican Dubwiser is taking both Latin and Electronic music and creating their own unique sound. The duo consists of Marcelo Tijerina and Ulises Lozano. They presented their third album, Boarder Frequency, at Festival Vive Latino in Mexico in front of over 15,000 people.

MusicaRoots: Where would Mexican Dubwiser be categorized in a music store? In the Latin section, right?

Yeah, in Latin. Probably because of the sounds, there’s a bunch of accordion and banda, that’s why they would probably categorize it in Latin. I would probably put it in the World section or Electronica.

MusicaRoots: Do you feel more motivated spreading your music as Mexican artists since Donald Trump became President?

Definitely, it’s encouraging to be better and also to demonstrate as a country or part of a Latino community, that we are strong and that we like to work a lot and give the best of our community.

MusicaRoots: Tell us about your music connection with Netflix? 

Our Music has been licensed on Netflix. We are on Club de Cuervos in both seasons. We are also in a movie that came out last year called, Que Culpa Tiene El Niño. It went to become one of the biggest grossing movies of the year, for a Mexican film. So we’re really happy that our music is getting this license, we get a little more exposure.

Make sure you check out their new album, Boarder Frequency featuring Money Mark, Tito and Randy from Montolov, Self Provoked, and Myron Glasper. Follow or listen to them on all social media and streaming platforms @MexicanDubwiser


Backstage Interview: PALOMA RUSH at Molly Malone’s in Hollywood

Paloma Rush Brings Latin Heat to Molly Malone’s in Hollywood, CA

Molly Malone’s, an Irish pub in Hollywood, hosted an all girls’ show called “Martiarch” on Wednesday, April 19th. A concert event with only female artists, like No Girlfriends, Chambers, Flavia and Paloma Rush. Paloma Rush (Paloma Ramos), a singer from Monterrey, CA, was one of the special performers that night, who brought Latin heat to the crowd. After her performance, the young new artist chatted with us about when she first discovered she could sing, her inspirational artists and her upcoming new single, Roller Skates.

Musica Roots: When did you discover that you could sing?

“I discovered I could sing when I was really little. And when people say, “Oh, I could sing at three.” No, I couldn’t sing at three, but the point is I could hold a tune at three. Singing is 50 percent hearing and I could hear a pitch and repeat it. So if you could sing Happy Birthday on key when you’re three, your parents are like, “Hey, she might have something.” So at four, I started taking lessons and that went up till now. “

Musica Roots: Who is an artist that inspires you?

“I am a vocalist, so I like good vocals, which means I grew up on Mariah Carey, loving all her special innuendos. I’m a really big Adele fan too. I love anybody who can really bring the pipes.”

Musica Roots: What Latin artist would you want to collaborate with?

“Pitbull! I could sing the hook and he could do the rap. And then we can say, Calle Ocho.”

Musica Roots: What word best describes you?

“Badass is what I would like people to describe me with. I try to bring a fearless performance; I don’t hold back, I don’t feel uncomfortable up there. If you’re not having fun, what the hell are you doing up there.”

Musica Roots: Tell us about your new single that’s dropping soon

“The new single is called Roller Skates and it drops on May 19th. We got it mixed with some really cool people, like Irko, who mixes like Timberland and J.Lo and we are going to get it mastered by Gene Grimaldi, the guy who mastered Lady Gaga’s stuff. You can expect the song first and the music video shortly after.”

Check out Paloma Rush’s new single, Roller Skates is available now! You can follow Paloma Rush on all the major social media platforms @paloma_rush and at http://palomarush.com


Backstage With Los 5 at El Rey (Exclusive)

El Rey Theater at Los Angeles was infused with Latin fever, when LOS 5 took the stage on April 14th. Before the show, the band members, Juan Pablo Casillas (23), Matt Rey (24), Ismael Cano Jr. (24), Hector Rodriguez (19) and Tomas Slemenson (24), were eager and hyped to get on stage and perform their music in front of their fans. Los 5, which are from Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, recently released their E.P Meet LOS 5 and have been playing shows around the U.S. and also Mexico. Musica Roots had the opportunity to talk with them before their show.

Check out the video of our exclusive interview with LOS 5:

How did you guys meet?

Matt: I was in Hollywood and I didn’t have a place to sleep and I ran into JP and I’m like, “Yo, I know you from Colorado.” And he was like, “What’s up dude, I’m having a party tonight, come stay.” And I never left.

JP: Ismael and Hector are cousins; it’s a beautiful story. Us three (referring to Tomas and Ismael) we’re classmates.

Ismael: So we started playing together and then we decided to add Hector as a bass player; then we became five.

What are you guys currently working on?

Hector: Now we are working on our newest single, which is Satisfaction. It’s about to come out Cinco de Mayo and we’re in the works in doing the music video as well, that’s going to be really awesome.

Ismael: At the same time we are working on our full E.P in Spanish, so that is really exciting, you know, going back to our roots.

Who is single?

Tomas: We’re all single, right?

Ismael: Depends who’s asking.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in LA?

Matt: There’s a taco trunk on Santa Monica and Vine. We’ve been loyal to them and they’ve been loyal to us.

Hector: And of course, La Fonda Maria in Downey, shout out to my parents.

Make sure you check out their new English single, Satisfaction, when it comes out May 5th. You can follow @Los5music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.