Locos Por Juana brought their energy and unique fusion of Caribbean and Latin music to La Cita in Downtown LA recently. Locos Por Juana is not new to the music scene they have already been nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy, bringing Miami heat and cultural sounds from all over the world. The bands consists of various members and at times are known for having five to seven guest musicians to join them onstage during their live shows. Musica Roots interviewed lead vocalist Itagui Correa and bassist David Pransky, before they hit the stage at La Cita.

Musica Roots: How is the tour going?

Itagui: We’re on tour in the West Coast. Two amazing weeks, showing our music and we’re really happy to go back home and gear up for the East Coast.

David: It’s summertime in Miami. So summer tour is bout to start. We’re really just promoting Caribe, which is our new album. That’s sprinkled with rockstars from all over the place, from different genres. We’ve been doing this for a long time, so all the people that you meet along the way, on tour or at a festival. All those people that turn into your idols are now your peers and your friends, so we had a lot of our friends be a part of this album.

Musica Roots: How is it performing for the LA audience?

Itagui: LA is great, man. It’s a great energy, every time we are in LA; we have family in LA.

David: But LA is hard. It’s hard to play a show because there is a level of you have to earn it. There’s a vibe in the city and people here got a lot pride, so we feel that and we keep looking forward to coming back.

Get a sneak peak of the interview here:

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