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PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 19, 2013 – BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Rook & Raven Gallery is honored to present Seize The Day Bed, the first UK solo exhibition by artist and actor Billy Zane, from 11th October to 7th November 2013, kicking off with a reception in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday August 21, 2013.
Seize The Day Bed will feature a collection of signature paintings that have drawn comparisons to both Abstract Expressionism and the Neo Expressionist movements. Widely recognized as an actor, Zane is an exemplary Renaissance Man, also making waves as an artist and painter of merit and distinction. Zane began painting during his seven months of filming the blockbuster movie Titanic in 1997, utilizing only locally sourced materials to create a series of abstract paintings. His interest for painting quickly developed from being a pastime to a real passion and he now sets up an art studio in each location he films. Using a process that is wildly methodical, Zane draws great inspiration from Action Painting.

He explains: “For me, the act of painting is a seduction by way of a contradiction.  While creating on the ground is labor-intensive work, I am somehow transported beyond the physical. Rather than adding layers of paint, I feel I am digging a tunnel to another land. Other times, instead of the floor I feel I am working on the ceiling. Color tears at my perception and redefines the laws of geometry and gravity. Textures become structures to be broken and rebuilt again and again. This combination of labor and euphoria, of back work and ‘the high arts’ creates a cosmic pull between two forces; then a fleeting no-man’s land appears on my internal GPS from which my most satisfying creations emerge. I feel alone in the moment of creation, regardless of frequent foot traffic, neighbor’s cars and inflatable kiddie pools sharing my easel.” Zane adds: “Seize The Day Bed is a song to duality in a sun burnt Southern Californian driveway. An offering of improvisations on canvas and paper derived from the influence of opposing forces; a bi-polar, analogue construction in our virtual world of multitasked, second screen experiences. A pun as punch. That’s all I can really say about it.”

Seize The Day Bed opens to the public in London, England from 11th of October 2013, with a Private View on Thursday 10th October 2013.

Billy Zane (b. 1966, Chicago, Illinois) is a well-known actor and talented visual artist. Zane graduated from Francis W. Parker School attended Harand Camp of the Theater Arts along with film producer and actor Jeremy Piven. Following his graduation, Billy moved to Hollywood to start his career in acting. He has filmed over 80 movies including the blockbuster Titanic (1997), The Phantom and his cameo in Zoolander. He began painting in 1997. In November 2010, he was awarded an honorary degree honoris causa from Lium University Bellinzona, Switzerland, for his contribution to cinematography.

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Rook & Raven is a contemporary art gallery in Fitzrovia representing established international and up-coming artists. Founded by Richard Grindy and Rachelle Lunnon in 2010, Rook & Raven has showcased many renowned artists to the public including South African painter Lionel Smit and American artist Curtis Kulig. As an extension of the Gallery’s exhibition portfolio, and through collaborative ties to various creative industries and outside curators, Rook & Raven has evolved the standard art space into an innovative nucleus that aims to advance the remit of visual expression.

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11th October – 7th November 2013

7 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1HN
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Photos by Patricia Marquez Bianchi and Luis Polanco


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