Ugly Primo enjoys representing the Latin culture and bridging the gap between our communities around the world through art, music, and humor.

Musica Roots: Why Ugly Primo, and do you disclose your full name if necessary? 

Ugly Primo: Ugly Primo is a funny name I came up with. I liked it because growing up I remember everyone being my “primo”.  My family would always refer to our close family friends as primos and it was just a nostalgic funny term of endearment I remember everyone using. 

The word ugly was just funny to me because we always have that ugly primo that likes to overposts on social media and is random and hilarious. 

Yes, I disclose my full name if you’re writing me a check 🙂

Musica Roots: Where are you originally from? Ethnicity? Where do you reside now?

Ugly Primo: I’m Mexican American. I grew up in Riverside and Santa Ana, CA. I also had a family I’d always visit in LA. I’ve been based in Los Ángeles for the past 5 years. 

Musica Roots: What did your family and friends think when you told them about being an artist? Any haters?

Ugly Primo: Skeptical at first. It kind of just happened organically. No, my family and friends have been the most supportive. 

Musica Roots: When did you start?

Ugly Primo: I started Uglyprimo late Jan 2018. I’ve been creating and since I was 14. 

Musica Roots: Your favorite work you have done?

Ugly Primo: Probably all of the merch I’ve designed for Bad Bunny with Ugly Primo and Primos Studio. Primos Studio is a company I created that focuses on design, visuals effects and content creation for other artists/music companies. Other favorite projects include the full branding/creative for Day N Vegas and TROPICÁLIA music festivals. 

Musica Roots: Favorite bar to dine and go for drinks in your hood? Why?

Ugly Primo: My favorite bar/restaurant at the moment is this spot called Yxta. Their food and drinks are amazing, I wish I could go there more.  I also always like going to visit the homies at The Reserve because it’s the perfect level of ratchet and they play Reggaeton and hip hop. 

Musica Roots: When did you take the step to become an artist? What/Who inspired you?

Ugly Primo: I’ve tried a lot of times and failed. I’ve just recreated myself over and over and this is the first time I felt like I created a project that was so natural for me. 

“This might sound crazy. But the first time I heard Bad Bunny I told my self I was going to figure out a way to work with him. I loved how he was breaking the norm from what other Latino artists had been doing and I could relate to it.” 

I realized I wanted to be the Latino artist that Latino artists go-to for art and designs. Plus, I felt like there was a lack of Latino pop culture represented humorously in LA. Everyone’s always so cool and serious. I knew I wanted to make something different.

Musica Roots:  What would you like to promote? New Work? Upcoming projects, etc…

Ugly Primo: Primos Studio. I created Primos Studio so I can help other companies and artists develop content, designs and grow their brands. I also feel like there has been a lack of care for design in the Latino community and I want to be there to help. Visit to learn more.

Musica Roots: How has the Corona Virus impacted your work?

Ugly Primo: Tours and festivals I was working on are now canceled or postponed. I work on a lot of projects that involve live music so I have a feeling people and companies are going to be a lot more hesitant with their financial investments in art and visual fx. 

Musica Roots: What genre of music do you listen to when working? 

Ugly Primo: Everything from Latin trap, reggaeton, indie, and r&b music. I like to listen to a lot of my friend’s music as well. 

Musica Roots: Who are your major influences?

Ugly Primo: Major influences include Dave Chappelle, Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, Fuck Jerry, and all the memes. 

Musica Roots: What music genres did you grow up listening to? And now?

Ugly Primo: I grew up listening to cumbias, hip hop and party music cause my family was always partying. Now I listen to trap, reggaeton, indie rock and anything that bumps in the trunk. 

Musica Roots: What’s your go-to Latin song?

Ugly Primo: It probably changes every other week but right now it’s “Está cabrón ser yo” by Bad Bunny and Anuel AA.

Musica Roots: Where do you find your inspiration?

Ugly Primo: The internet, Memes, and my primos. Also a lot of nostalgia from my childhood. 

Musica Roots: What advice do you have for young up and coming artists?

Ugly Primo: It’s going to sound cliche. But “create art based around things you’re passionate about.” 

Musica Roots: Why do you think it’s important for us to feature your interview in English instead of Spanish?

Ugly Primo: That’s a good question because I speak English and Spanish. I feel like my following is more of a Spanglish crowd of Latinos that grew up in the states. 

I prefer English because I feel more comfortable speaking in English. 

Musica Roots: If you quit doing what would you be doing? Side hustle or hobby?

Ugly Primo: Producing trap and reggaeton music.

Musica Roots: Are you the only talent at home?

Ugly Primo: No, my little sister likes to dance and make art as well.  She’s still super young though. 

Musica Roots: The most embarrassing moment?

Ugly Primo: Probably one time I was djing and my laptop/serato started giving out on me when I was djing at Day N Vegas music festival.

Musica Roots: Besides fans, who would be a good connection for you? How can we best help you succeed?

Ugly Primo: Putting my work in front of people who are decision-makers in the industry. 

Musica Roots: Is there a charity you advocate for? Why?

Ugly Primo: Kind. They provide legal representation for undocumented children in court.  The immigration center for women and children.