Dominican star Vicente Garcia has recently released the new single “Ahi Ahi” in advance of the ‘Candela‘ album. “Ahí Ahí” is a bachata song with elements of trap and electronic music. The güira converses with the hi-hat and the bachata guitars. It also has zulu choruses which were influenced by Paul Simon and Juan Luis Guerra.

The song talks about an intermittent love – a care for someone which has a sort of half life – with time, the flame never dies,” Vicente explains. “I started writing the song in Bogota and kept developing it further in Santo Domingo and San Juan. I created the synthesizer parts and trap programming at my home in Bogota. We recorded the South African choruses with Mdu Madela and Nhalnhla Ndovlu in New York.”  

The official music video was directed by Alan del Rio, renowned for his work with Solange, Major Lazer and Maggie Rogers. “This entire album aims to challenge what is expected of merengue and bachata with different types of music influences and unexpected visuals,” Vicente says. “With ‘Ahí Ahí,’ we wanted to avoid going to stereotypical Latino places which you might expect with a bachata or trap song. We wanted an intense visual with a director that we thought could re-contextualize our vision. So we found Alan del Rio. The video makes you feel like time stands still and nothing else in the world exists for the length of the song.”

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