Music enthusiasts eagerly await the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album 2017 Grammy winner to be announced in a few hours.

People not familiar with Latin culture are sometimes unaware of the fact that Spanish-speaking countries offer all types of music, including— but certainly not limited to— mariachi, salsa, pop, funk, classic rock, folk, death metal, rap, emo, opera, dance, trance, new wave, industrial, merengue and reggaeton. You name it, it’s available.  Slightly more adventurous listeners might understand that one musician from a Latin region could have absolutely nothing in common with the next, yet still use “Latin music” as a catchall term for any song by an artist of Latin descent.

The phrase “Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative,” currently used at the Grammys, is more specific. It enables the world at large to notice something that should be obvious: the fact that not all rock, urban and alternative music is in English. Additionally, this year the nominees competing in this category are exciting and innovative enough to win over any listener, regardless of language spoken.

Carla Morrison (“Amor Supremo”), Los Rakas (“Los Rakas”), La Santa Cecilia (“Buenaventura”), iLe (“iLevitable”), and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderamas (L.H.O.N.: La Humanidad o Nosotros) are up for the award.  Morrison enchants with ethereal sounds: Los Rakas put a fresh spin on hip-hop and traditional Caribbean rhythms; Los Angeles-based La Santa Cecilia creates a unique hybrid of genres; iLe delights with her virtuosity and soulful voice, and Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas delight fans with funk-infused tunes. No matter who takes home the Grammy, all of their albums have a place in a music lover’s collection.