This past weekend was the kickoff to Award Season, we begin with the Golden Globes and wow, some of my favorite gals wearing some questionable dresses makes me wonder, what happened?

Let’s get something clear, I’m not “hating” on any of these talented gals, I love their work and the way they come across in interviews, etc. Starting with the fabulous Sandra Bullock, girl… this color blocking hot mess had me wondering why someone like you would agree to leave the house in a dress like this, not even back in my 2000 Prom would I have worn this. Pretty woman Julia Roberts, oh honey now I know that you are no Spring chicken but why would you wear an outfit that is meant for someone way older than you? I just don’t understand, it was not ugly, it was just not age appropriate. Zoe Saldana, ok well this is not the first time she has made a bad choice, but this was something that in the words of Ms. Klum should have been “Auf Wiedersehen” right out the carpet. I did love the look on Kate Beckinsale, sexy, right for the occasion and interesting lines, but I fell in love with the red cape dress worn by Lupita Nyong’o, that is how you do fresh and fab! If these other stylists dressed these ladies in bad gowns for PR reasons, mission accomplished, they were talked about alright!

By Elvira Zamora







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