The name Madison Reyes is on its way to becoming one of the most popular among teenagers. The rising star of Puerto Rican blood gained her first-ever acting role with Netflix, and we’re sure it will be the first of many more. 

Madison is just 16 years old, born and raised in Pennsylvania from Puerto Rican parents. She grew up with the Latino influences in her home, from the food to the rhythms. She has visited Puerto Rico twice in her life and dreams about going back and living the same adventures her mom had on the island. 

Madison grew up watching High School Musical, the famous Disney trilogy of dancing and singing teenagers. Little did she know of how life was going to surprise her: just a few years later, she is the protagonist of her musical show alongside Kenny Ortega, HSM’s producer, and choreographer. 

She auditioned for “Julie and the Phantoms”, a Netflix series about a girl who, after losing her mom, finds her passion for music by playing with a band of ghosts that only she can see. 

Kenny Ortega revealed why they choose Madison. “They wanted a girl that people could identify with.” After watching her audition, they knew Madison was the right fit. 

“She has a unique talent that can fit with any musical genre. She’s a promise for greatness, and we’re very excited about it.”

For Madison, it’s the musical aspect of her role that she loves the most, “Those are the moments in which I feel more like myself.” 

She feels so identified with her character and the show’s music that she’s already envisioning a second season and even a world tour. 

The series is a perfect showcase for her many talents. She worked on the hairstyle (natural texture, minimal heat use,) the makeup looks (using more colorful makeup as Julie gains confidence), and her outfits.  

What’s more prominent about her character, and Madison herself, is the willingness to become a role model for young girls. Madison revealed that she loves Julie because she’s a strong female character. 

Like many young girls, Madison has been very outspoken about female empowerment and racial representation. Aside from Julie and the Phantoms, she’s now participating in Girls with Impact’s International Women’s Day concert. 

On March 8th, she will be performing live for Girls With Impact. The organization works for under-resourced girls by equipping them to become the next business leaders and innovators. 

Madison is a star that will be shining across all platforms very soon. In a world where we need more powerful girls showing their talents, Madison will indeed become a reference for owning and achieving your dreams.