Matt Hunter, the young singer-songwriter with Italo-Colombian roots, is back with a brand new single, “Cosas de Novios” which is slated to become one of the biggest hits of the summer.  

His first launch since releasing “DM” in late 2019, Matt Hunter surprises fans with the awaited new release of a single that comes to shake things up in the true fashion of this versatile artist. “Cosas de Novios” (It’s a Couple’s Thing) is a song that talks about a relationship between a man and a woman that mimics a real relationship but isn’t defined as one. When there are no strings attached, there is always one person who suffers.

In this case, it’s the guy who is at his lady’s beck and call: “Hacemos cosas de novios pero no somo na (We do couple things but we’re not anything)/ Tu te me trepa encima y yo no te quiero soltar (You get on top of me and I don’t want to let you go)/ Tu siempre me buscas a mi por que no voy a fallar (You always come looking for me because I’ll never let you down).” A tad melancholic, but with an infectious beat, this summer track makes you want to dance, especially as the song’s theme is one that everyone can relate to in one way or another.