Ls Lvndrs (read as Les Lavanderes in Spanish) is a new artist network that promotes music made by Venezuelan women and genderqueer people, intended as a safe space for artists to create whatever they want without being judged or mistreated. 

It’s not easy for independent artists worldwide to find their audience and extend their reach, but it’s especially hard trying to make music in Latin America. Now imagine if we’re talking about making music in a country like Venezuela that recently saw the light at the end of the tunnel after really tough times. 

Now, it’s a different case when you’re trying to make music as a woman or a queer person and explore genres that are not what people usually listen to in your environment. 

But there’s one thing we can salvage from stories like this, and it’s that it pushes people to come on with new ideas to promote their work and get their message across and beyond, no matter the barriers that their surrounding is putting in front of them. And that’s when projects like Ls Lvndrs come into existence. 

Lorena Orlando, the creator of Ls Lvndrs, managed to create a community for the artists who most need it. And that way, making it easier for people interested in supporting independent artists to find a varied selection of talent to choose from depending on their taste, without burning their eyebrows searching the internet for something new. 

It’s important to talk about spaces like this on bigger platforms so that everyone can uplift new and fresh talent, artists that are easier to relate to, and that a lot of the time put their whole heart into their projects.

Meet Ls Lvndrs 


Founder of Ls Lvndrs, Hilandera is one of the most proficient musicians in the Venezuelan indie scene, having published several EPs with past projects and participated in Rudo y Cursi’s Soundtrack. Hilandera’s sound is between lo-fi electronic music and indie rock, full of danceable beats and empowering lyrics. 


Lienzos can play the electric guitar like a rockstar from the 70’s. She’s all about psychedelic and solo guitars. Lienzos has built her own universe where we can also appreciate genres like dream-pop and ambient. 

Aida Rojas 

Aida Rojas is all about lovely acoustic guitar tunes. If you enjoy the music from Natalia Lafourcade, you’re going to love Aida. They are also a great photographer and poet. 

Brigitte Olivares 

She recently released her EP: Chronicle of an Original Doll, where she talks about her trans experience and her struggles to come to terms with her art and what she loves most: music. It’s a beautifully made album, with heart-touching lyrics and a nostalgic feeling to the production.

Aún No Hija 

Aún no hija describes their music as avant-garde trap. Aún no hija sounds like early unknown Grimes EPs, but full of tropical vibes and witty lyrics.

La Infanta de Bernandino

Infanta has created her own genre, called “Perreo Artesanal” or handmade perreo. Infanta’s tone of voice is so unique and warming that it is impossible to forget once you listen to it.


Cecé combines R&B with rap in her work. She has an incredible vocal range and can write heartwarming lyrics. 

There are plenty of other artists in Ls Lvndrs, including Gentlemay, Nuwalins, Maisha, Khalix, Bloom, among others. You can check them all at their Instagram page