Following the release of her critically acclaimed English & Spanish EP’s the voice notes/mensajes de vozAlaina Castillo’s star continues to rise with her new single “Tonight,” which showcases her phenomenal talent transitioning from introvert singer-songwriter to pop star in the making. This track sets the scene for what’s in store and shows the breadth and ambition of her artistry.

Alaina wrote the track as an anti-social party anthem, re-emphasizing her own anti-social lifestyle and encouraging her listeners to embrace their solitude, especially in these uncertain times.

Alaina Castillo said about the meaning behind the song, “‘tonight’ is my antisocial party song. it highlights all my emotions as i’m going about my day and wishing that i could just be at home in my own world. i’ve always been down to vibe out w neon lights and music so that i could create a different atmosphere on my own and that’s what ‘tonight’ is all about.”