We’re excited to share that you can see Alaina Castillo on the cover of our Premier Issue of Musica Roots Magazine!

Many of us met her with her EP ‘Antisocial Butterfly’ released just last November. Since then, the Mexican-American songstress has not stopped working and sharing her art. Only in April – five months after her debut – Alaina Castillo would release a new EP, ‘the voice notes’. An acoustic and personal work in which nostalgic R&B tunes stand out.

Alaina was born between American and Latino culture, which can be seen in all her work. With each EP, Alaina seeks to appeal to both audiences by including songs in Spanish and English or even Spanglish, and we must admit that she sounds perfect in any language.

That intention to reach Hispanic audiences has become clear after she released her new EP ‘mensajes de voz’ on May 22. The Spanish counterpart of her previous EP shows the same sentimentalism and immersive melodies while translating all her songs into Spanish.


Musica Roots: When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?

Alaina Castillo: I always had a feeling that this was everything that I wanted to do but I think I really knew in eleventh grade because I was at a low point in life and I started asking myself, “what will make me happy?” and this was it. I started posting more covers after that and planning out how I wanted everything to go but I never could have imagined that my life would have turned out this way.

Musica Roots: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating music?

Alaina Castillo: I love to just relax with friends, watch Netflix, cook & eat, and before Coronavirus, I enjoyed going to the beach or little spots around LA to get inspired by nature or anything that comes to mind. Even when I’m doing things outside of the studio, I still constantly get little vibes for music that just stick in my head until I’m back in the studio and able to write about it.

Musica Roots: What have you enjoyed the most during this epidemic?

Alaina Castillo: Probably how chill everything is. My life feels super crazy and amazing but it’s nice to have a moment to just relax and reset for a second. I can’t wait till it’s over though because I have never wanted to switch up my schedule more. I feel like the days are just melting together and I miss being able to do certain things but I know when it’s all over and everyone is healthy, everyone will just be super happy to be able to go out and do things in public. 

Musica Roots: Which platform do you enjoy the most in creating content? Why?

Alaina Castillo: YouTube is where I first started posting and making covers and I’ve always loved how diverse the creative side is on that platform but I also love Instagram because there are a lot of ways to interact with the fans.

Musica Roots: Do you have a dream venue to perform?

Alaina Castillo: I actually started realizing about a month ago that I have three bucket list goals and one of them is to perform at Madison Square Garden in NYC! I’ve heard so many amazing things about performing there so it’s just turned into a dream of mine and I really hope it happens!

Musica Roots: Tell us a fun fact that would shock us?

Alaina Castillo: I once tried to learn Japanese, French & Italian. I’m kind of obsessed with languages and went through a phase where I had four textbooks for each language because I wanted to learn them immediately. Maybe not that I have more time during quarantine, I can start to learn them again!

Musica Roots: What are you working on? What’s next?

Alaina Castillo: I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio with Romans during the quarantine so we have been working on music constantly and I’m so excited for what’s to come! Hopefully after everything is back to normal, I can finally tour and see all the amazing people who have been supporting me through these past few months!