Drum and bass pioneer producer and DJ Datsik has been performing the “Firepower Most Wanted” Tour almost every day for two months already. He has been sharing his first leg of the tour with friends FuntCase, Antiserum X Mayhem and Protohype, among other acts that will be supporting on selected dates. He will be continuing his travels with Flux Pavilion.

As for our local date in Santa Ana this Wednesday, November 27 at the Observatory, we will have FuntCase, Protohype, Getter and Rise At Night. This tour includes real-time 3D-mapping technology to provide incredible visuals and sound that will satisfy your bass craving ears.
If you’re a bass lover, you should definitely check Datsik out. Buy your ticket here http://www.flavorus.com/event/BASSOLOGY-DATSIK-more/194013

Here is what he has to say about his label, his work and about tomorrow’s show:

Q: How is it working with your own Fire Power Record label?
A: It’s really cool being able to release my own music as well as music by others. It’s nice to have full freedom to release whatever I like. It’s something that I have wanted to start for a very long time and it’s really cool to finally be in a position to be able to do that.

Q: Tell me about the process of producing tracks while keeping them your own style.
A: Basically when I start new tracks I try to lay out something new. A lot of people start with instruments like playing piano, I approach things a lot differently – I’ll start with a really good sample. I tend to approach it with more of a producer angle and be mindful of producing something new in every track. Moving forward, I always try to improve my sound and try to keep everyone stoked. It’s nice to have people respond to my music and cool to be able to have an impact on people.

Q: How does it feel to see the crowd’s reaction during your sets?
A: That’s what makes it all worth it. That’s what it’s all about. It never really was about that when I first started because I was basically sitting in my bedroom at my mom’s place just working on music. I had no intention or thought of going out and DJ-ing or playing a lot of shows. It was the last thing on my mind, and it kind of just came to me… I’m really happy it did. It opened up a whole new world of exciting new things and possibilities. It allows me to travel around the world.


Q: What do you look for in Fire Power talent?
A: Well first of all, I don’t really sign anything that I’m not playing or I wouldn’t play in my sets. Following that formula it works pretty well. We have a pretty strict quality control with the label. Everyone that submits demos are mindful of this and in doing that, we maintain a good reputation which allows us to do tours across the country. The biggest thing with all the artists I sign on my label is that we become instant family. Also, the energy is always so vibrant on the road. It’s a good mixture of talent, having fun and getting work done. We’re all family.

Q: Are you working on any collaborations right now?
A: Yeah! We got a bunch of collabs started. I did two with Antiserum, I started two more with Funtcase, and another two with Protohype. I’ve just been on the grind, trying to get as much work done on the road with these artists as possible. I’m thinking that at the end we can come out with “The Most Wanted EP” or something like that. It’s crazy to see all these different artists collaborating with each other: everyone’s sound and feel kind of mash up into one. It’s very interesting.

Q: What the OC area expect from the “Firepower Most Wanted” Tour?
A: Expect an insane DJ sound system. Expect insane visuals, we’re rolling with the vortex. The whole thing is going to be awesome. It’s so close to home for me now so we’ve got a bunch of friends coming. It’s the last show of the tour so it’s going to get crazy. I’m really excited to be rolling through!

Written by: Jeanette Hernandez / @JeanetteHndz

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Llanes


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