L.A. based Las Cafeteras along with The Center for Cultural Power present the politically charged re-imagined song, “If I Was President” ft. Sa-Roc, Boog Brown, QVLN, and Mega Ran. The new song is the third edition to their critically acclaimed electoral anthem series. Available now on all digital platforms. 

“If I Was President” is the third edition to the critically acclaimed electoral anthem series released from Las Cafeteras in the last four months. In partnerships with socially conscious non-profit organizations, Las Cafeteras anthems advocated for the power of voting and in support of the BLM movement they worked with artists to unify Black and brown voices through song. The trilogy has received national attention from national newspapers and media outlets including The New York TimesNBC NewsLatino USA and KCRW to name a few. It first started in October of last year with Las Cafeteras releasing “Long Time Coming” Ft. Degruvme, La Mera Candelaria, Scarub, and Klmsly. 

“Long Time Coming” is about the public unity of Black and brown L.A. artists to motivate Black and Brown voter engagement across the country, to serve as a call to take action for racial and gender justice and a future where we live in harmony with nature.

The second release “Georgia On My Mind” Ft. QVLN, and Sergio Medoza was aimed to get Latinx voters out to the Georgia senate runoff elections and to represent the solidarity of Black and brown unity. Today Las Cafeteras presents “If I Was President” a hip-hop song that unifies a collective of Black and Brown artists, residing in and organizing communities of color in electoral college swing states, to offer revolutionary solutions to current and future social justice issues through music.