Self-described as “psychedelic cumbia punk,” the union of these polar genres is actually the ingenious baby of the Pacheco brothers (Daniel and René) from East Los Angeles who make up half of Thee Commons. Formed in 2012, Thee Commons have been a staple of the LA indie music scene, and have gained a cult following, performing alongside fellow Angeleno’s Chicano Batman and Bomba Estéreo, and headlining classic LA venues The Echoplex and The Teragram Ballroom.

The cumbia-punk los hermanos Pacheco have crafted, is the perfect example of Chicano experience in Los Angeles, through music at least. Think about growing up in a household full of cumbia, salsa, and even banda, while friends at school banged their heads to heavy metal, rock, and punk. Going to backyard and warehouse shows to mosh one weekend, then dancing away to “Mi Cucu” at whatever quinceñera was taking place the next. The hypnotizing psych-cumbia of Thee Commons takes us back. The fusion of, not just two genres, but two almost contradictory genres, and two cultures, is at least, an entrancing auditory experience, and at most, an homage to the bicultural upbringing of Latinos in LA. Think, post-modern greaser go-go beach party with insane cumbia-ska breakdowns and interludes. That’s the best way we can describe the sound of Thee Commons.

Thee Commons have been releasing EP’s since ’13, available via their bandcamp and their album, Loteria Tribal, was just released on Burger Records (also available on bandcamp). Thee Commons will be performing at Coachella 2017, and have a few other gigs lined up in Fresno, CA and Mexicali. Check them out on social media for tour dates, new music, and more.

Twitter: @TheeCommons
Instagram: @theecommons
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