“Chillear” by Artifex featuring Frankie J dropped this weekend. If you haven’t added it to your playlist, give it a listen – available now on all digital platforms.

Artifex is of Swedish descent, with Cuban and Finnish roots who completed her secondary studies at Rytmus Music High School in Sweden, continued her career as a model and participated in the orchestra San Marino Philharmonic. Subsequently, she relocated to Los Angeles to continue her musical career, but it was in club ̈The Mint LA ̈, in a presentation with his band ̈ ̈Artifex the Band ̈ when the TRUE MAKERS MUSIC company discovered her talent. When she is not producing new music, you can find her on LATV where she hosts the female empowerment show “Get It Girl.”


This is not the first time this duo worked together, here’s another track, “Lo Que Paso”: