The unmistakable style of Taylor Díaz, capable of fusing the best of bolero, romantic ballads, trap, and beats of reggaeton, returns with “Hollywood.” His most recent single comes as a surprise not only for the artistic maturity of the Mexican singer and songwriter has achieved, but also because of the special guest who seems to be far removed from his romantic streak. We are talking about Venezuelan rapper Akapellah, who with his sharp personality pushes Diaz’s creativity to new levels.

“Hollywood” kicks off with trap undertones, on which Taylor unleashes the full power of his voice, first to dedicate the song and later to reminiscence about each of the moments he lived with the woman of his dreams. The setting for his passion is no other than the mythical town of Hollywood, California, which is the reason behind the song’s title.

After the first chorus, where the name of the neighborhood is mentioned as a mantra, comes the flow of Akapellah: vibrant, quick, and master of ingenious rhymes that give way to the imagination. After the intervention of the best MC in the continent, Díaz returns with his melodic tone to reinforce the song’s message.

“Hollywood” comes along with a video where he is seen strolling down an imaginary Hollywood, happy to find the lost paradise, while Akapellah transforms into a dreamy teenager, giving us a glimpse into a lesser known side from both artists.

In alignment with his meteoric career path, Taylor Díaz can score himself another hit: the king of romantic trap, thanks to “Hollywood,” has done it again.