We chatted with Alina as she shares with us her major influences, new music, where she’s from and more. Enjoy our interview and add her music to your playlist by clicking here!

Musica Roots: What’s the origin of that name? Is that your real name?Alina:  Alina is my real name, and Worldwide came from me just loving to travel. 

Musica Roots: Age, Where were you born and raised? Ethnicity?

Alina: I’m 24. Born and raised in Astoria/LIC Queens. I’m American with grandparents from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Musica Roots: When did you take the step to become an artist? What/Who inspired you?

Alina: The first time I took a step to become an artist was in 2010 when I auditioned to be in an all-girl group that lasted 7 years; created by Zelma Davis. I believe my inspiration comes from my parents being that they were also in the music industry. Growing up I was always surrounded and exposed to music. Whether in the recording studio with my dad or the rehearsal studio with my mom as her backup singer.

Musica Roots: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? 

Alina: I consider it to be Urban/Spanish Trap.

Musica Roots: Who are your major influences?

Alina: Major influences would have to be Messiah being that he started the whole Spanish Trap movement. I felt a strong connection towards it musically and I immediately told myself I need to be the female version of this. Other major influencers I’d say would be Bad Bunny, Rosalía, J Balvin, Jennifer López, Rihanna.

Musica Roots: What’s your go-to Latin song?

Alina: Ahhhh! I have many! But right now “No Me Conoce” Remix is on REPEAT! 

Musica Roots: Who writes your songs? 

Alina: I write all my songs with the help of a composer/writer I met in DR. We clicked and vibed instantly! He goes by @dimelobrasa

Musica Roots: Where do you find your inspiration?

Alina: I find my inspiration in other artists that I like and look up to as well as real-life situations. I also look at what’s trending and immediately get into my creative headspace. 

Musica Roots: What’s your music-making process?

Alina: My music-making process is all about setting the vibes. I like to be in an environment where I feel I can just be myself and do whatever I please. But it also has a lot to do with the atmosphere I’m in and the people I’m surrounded by. I love for it to be cozy with dim or colorful light settings. I drink a red bull before all my sessions and love to have snacks for when it’s time for munchies lol!

Aside from that, I like to go in my sessions with a set plan of what I’m feeling or trying to talk about in my songs. But that also comes with whatever the producer is showing me. If I like it, we vibe if not, we just keep looking or start a new beat from scratch in which I prefer. Once we find the one I jump in the booth and let whatever comes to my mind flow whether it’s a mumble, a melody, or words, etc.


Musica Roots: What has been your favorite venue to perform? 

Alina: Till this day SOB’s is my favorite. 

Musica Roots: Why do you think it’s important for us to feature your interview in English instead of Spanish?

Alina: I truly believe that capturing the attention of the general market is extremely important. In today’s generation; the music industry is becoming more and more Bi-cultural and I would love to be a representation of that. Latin audiences or Non-Latinos have been coming together to make music and it’s become a real success. Now everyone is aware and listening to who’s being featured and we’re starting to see more collaborations with a blend of global artists. 

Musica Roots: Most embarrassing moment?

Alina: Falling while twerking!

Musica Roots:  Top 3 artists on your music app? Alina: Bad Bunny, Travis Scott and Afro B.

Musica Roots: Favorite bar to dine and go for drinks in your hood? Why?

Alina: I have so many favorite bars to wine and dine at. But in my hood, it would be Blend On the Water

Musica Roots: Choice of alcoholic beverage?

Alina: Tequila!!! Margarita!!!

Musica Roots: Is there a charity you advocate for? Why? 

Alina:  The Lupus Foundation. My biological father passed away from Lupus when I was only the age of 2 years old. 

Musica Roots: What advice do you have for young up and coming artists?Alina: Never give up on your dreams and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Work extremely hard for what you love. Never give up and you will be able to accomplish everything and anything. Be ready to fail. Be ready to win.