CHIQUIS releases her latest single, “Las Destrampadas” (Unleashed Girls) in collaboration with Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa.

Las Destrampadas (Unleashed Girls) is available on all digital platforms. Created by Eddy CastilloAdrián Armendáriz and CHIQUIS herself, the song carries an upbeat vibe with a lot of dance floor potential thanks to the three voices that participate on the track.

Ely Quintero, who originally hails from Culiacán, and Helen Ochoa, born in Mendota, Fresno, California, joined CHIQUIS on this special track that will surely resonate with many girls. This track celebrates empowerment by highlighting independent and fun women, who take charge of their lives regardless of what others say.

This female trio has “Banda” music running through their veins. Each one has created her own style making a name for herself within the genre, especially CHIQUIS, who has managed to not only position herself as a successful singer but also as a producer, influencer and songwriter. 

CHIQUIS continues to promote “Ticket De Salida” (“Exit Ticket”), a song with a rich fusion of cumbia, pop and urban sounds, which she recorded alongside Amandititita, who also helped in the writing process.