Heard of Latin Dancehall? Dancehall music is different from reggae. Dancehall is exactly what is says – for dancing, mainly in a club.

Before Reggaeton, most Latinos from NYC like myself definitely listened to dancehall artists such as: Sean Paul, Beenie Man and Elephant Man to name a few. Ohh, and around this time was when El General – the Panamanian reggaeton artist was first heard on the airwaves with his track “Muevelo Muevelo”.

Check out new music Come This Way by Boston’s Heavy Hitter DJ Chubby Chub featuring Dynasty The Latin King of Dance Hall. This is what you get when you put various blends of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall and Brazilian flavor on a track.

Lexy Panterra also released a Dancehall track. Her name sounds familiar? Yeap, every girl and guy should have heard of her or seen her twerks on Instagram!