Jenn Morel’s New Record “Mango” Turns Up the Heat…

Known for her fierce, hard-hitting sound and party-starting anthems, Dominican singer, songwriter, and rapper Jen Morel is not afraid of making bold moves. Her latest single, “Mango,” channels the same hip-swinging, bass-bumping energy that Jen always brings to the table with her music. Like the 2017 hit “Pónteme” which catapulted Jen’s career and solidified her as one of the top acts in the Latin music arena, “Mango” is all about hypnotizing tribal beats and sizzling vocals.

“I’m really excited for this one,” said Jen. “The beat is sweet, exotic, and addictive — like a mango!”

The perfect record for the summer, it comes accompanied by a steamy visual of Jen rocking a neon bodysuit and showcasing her incredible dance moves. Let’s just say staying home — and slicing mango — never looked so good.

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