It’s been just a year since the rising Argentine artist burst into the radar with “Wapo Trakatero“, and she’s already racked up 3.5 million Instagram followers and over 300 million streams collectively.

The young R&B singer is on the fast track to international stardom, and no quarantine is getting in her way. While we’ve been binge-watching Netflix and struggling to remember what day it is, the prolific 19-year old has thrown us another banger with a Billie Eilish swagger and Drake state of mind.

‘Colocao’ came about like many of my songs: from a freestyle,” Nicki explains. “Inspiration flows with the beat and the song comes alive with the vibration of the moment. ‘Colocao’ is a chapter of my life; exploring situations that I have been through. In ‘Colocao’ I play with the vocals, with different tones. We tried new rhythms and melodies.”

Watch the video below, courtesy de la cuarentena: