Channeling the huge momentum of “Suda” (Sweat), her breakout hit featuring PITBULL and IAMCHINOMelanie Pfirrman is building a worldwide community of fans online among young people and fitness lovers.

Spotify recently added “Suda” to its influential Zumba playlist, and Melanie Pfirrman appears on the cover of other important Zumba playlists, confirming her status as a young influencer in this field. 
Since its release in late March, “Suda” has earned more than 1.5 million streams (and still growing quickly), appearing on high-profile playlists on Apple Music such as Pure Party, LA Fitness and Latin Nation, and it has also landed a spot with Pandora’s Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout station, which has over 24 million listeners.

Furthermore, the trending #SudaChallenge has inspired users of the Generation Z-focused social network TikTok to dance along to this energetic and motivating song.